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My journey into body work began a number of years ago when I was introduced to essential oils for the first time.  I was struggling with a lot of fear and uncertainty due to a medical issue and was given Valor oil from Young Living.  Immediately my energy shifted and calmed and my anxiety subsided. I left that day feeling forever changed and empowered because I had something (not a pill) that could have such a changing effect on me immediately.  Those who know me know that I always return to oils for help in sessions.  With the changes in my life at this time I have decided to return my focus back to oils and Young Living.  My intention is to become a certified aromatherapist so I can be better educated and helpful in the world of essential oils.  If you would like to know more about essential oils and how to get started I am happy to help. You can go to my YL website also at www.youngliving.org/bodytemple and have a look.

. . . ​​Cherish Your Sacred Self

​​Welcome to Body Temple Healing Arts!  

It is our mission to help clients rediscover through various modalities the mind-body-spirit connection that is the key to health and vitality.  In today's fast paced and stress filled world it is more important than ever to have balance to maintain optimal health.  Your body is your temple and within it lies all the knowledge and tools one will ever require as well as a deep and ever present connection to the divine.  All that is required is to be present.  Deserving of our love and respect, a well cared for body us with well-being, energy and a temple for rebuilding our soul.  You are only gifted one body temple in this lifetime - so when was the last time you cherished your sacred self?  


               n. 1.  Something regarded as having within it a divine presence.  


What's New

I will be posting on Facebook some of the cool things for sale but be sure to check out my ebay store under bodytemplehealingarts for mala beads, crystals, incense and more!